3 Days in New York City – Travel Video – Elina + Kirk 2018 – “New York Minute”

I tried to fit our short three day trip (2.5 technically) into a one-minute travel video for Instagram, which turned into a LOT of work! It is so hard to keep things short when you do so much and have so many clips to work with! It gets a little a crazy, but it was fun, nonetheless.

We did just about everything you can do in NYC in the 3 days we were there 😉 (I know… there is technically so much more to do and see).

Here’s the rough itinerary we completed
– Time Square
– Ground Zero
– Walked Brooklyn Bridge & down to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade for views of Manhattan along the water
– Central Park
– Top of the Rock
– Circle Line Cruise out and around the Statue of Liberty
– Overly Priced bike ride through Central Park
– Extremely well-priced rowboat ride in Central Park
– John Lennon memorial in Central Park