10 Little Monsters Visit New York City | Story Book for Kids

Kids Books: 10 Little Monsters Visit New York City read aloud for children takes us to Times Square! Central Park! The Empire State Buiding! It’s a Monstrously Funny KidTime StoryTime full of true travel facts and monsters that keep disappearing! Let’s go take a bite out of the Big Apple!

Presented by StoryTeller, with a little help from Green Bear and a surprise appearance by White Rat!

Published by Familius, the publishers who believe the most important work you’ll ever do happens at home!
Writer Jess Smart Smiley loves monsters of all shapes and sizes & lives in Utah!
Illustrator Nathan Hardyman also lives in Utah, loves bowling, and things drawing Monsters is probably the funnest thing ever!

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  1. Hi there. Thank you very much.The story is good but you are amazing. I love the way you read books. Byebyee

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