1. Introduction (Brian May w/ Les Paul – Live In New York 3/25/1991) (2 Source Merge)

In March of 1991, Brian May would travel to New York to perform 2 songs with Les Paul at Fat Tuesday’s. The 1st song, Blind Blake’s “Early Morning Blues”, would feature Brian on vocals, while the 2nd, which is at one point called “C Jam”, would be an instrumental piece. In this performance, while Brian sounds strong overall, Les seems to come out on top in the end. From a vocal standpoint, Brian sounds good and doesn’t have any noticeable issues. This upload contains a merge of 2 video sources. The 1st, an audience video, contains the complete performance although the quality is a little pixelated with some flickering issues early on during the clip. The 2nd is a pro-shot video that was used for the home video, “Guitars”. While the quality is an improvement, it is very incomplete and only contains a segment of “Early Morning Blues”. Although the audio quality is good on both sources, the audience source is used due to the mix being a bit better. An anecdote written by an attendee has been linked at the bottom of the description

“Early Morning Blues” is played in D tonight as opposed to in A as Brian and The Cross had performed it in 1988. As a result, Brian gives a much lower vocal delivery. Much like in 1988, Brian changes the lyrics in spots while largely retaining the gist of the song. He also flips the 3rd and 4th verses. Musically, it is a good rendition with both guitarists playing well. “C Jam”, an instrumental piece, features solid performances from both guitarists. However, Les’s playing seems to be a little more coherent compared to Brian’s in spots.

Link to anecdote: https://bit.ly/2opk3Ow