🎄CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK CITY | NYC Travel Vlog | Days 1 & 2

It has been a dream of mine to take our older kids into New York City during the Christmas season to experience the sights and sounds of city holidays. In this part one Christmas in New York City Travel Vlog I share our road trip snacks, driving my family into New York City and finding parking, plus I also share a tour of our cheap for the season hotel find.

For day two in NYC we walked over ten miles! We also road the subway, enjoyed Times Square, St Patrick’s Cathedral, Sax 5th Ave, Rockefeller Center, Central park, and even ate at a fantastic Ethiopian restaurant!

Check back real soon for part two including days three and four of our New York City adventure!

17 thoughts on “🎄CHRISTMAS IN NEW YORK CITY | NYC Travel Vlog | Days 1 & 2”

  1. My Naomi and I watched this and really enjoyed the dancing in the park. My daughter takes up Ballet and hip hop dance classes. So that was fun for her. Now she really wants to go to New York. lol!

  2. Should have splurged a bit for a better hotel though I get you want to budget. The shared bathroom is not a thing I would do. Growing up on long island and knowing the price to rent a room in NYC is crazy.

    1. +Jamerrill Stewart Yes the prices are insane in general plus holiday pricing. The other option is to stay on Long Island and travel into the city via the LIRR. A good hotel on long island is around 150 a night. Travel via the railroad is about a 30-40 minute trip. Though I get the appeal of being right in the city and not having to travel back and fourth.

    2. Not for $600 bucks a night, haha. This time of year you know the prices double and triple. Plus, we weren’t there to hang out in the room. Luckily the hotel was very clean. xoxo

  3. I live 30 min from the city welcome!!! You looked like you are having a great time!! Don’t forget to walk into a pizza place that looks like it wont hold 3 people inside those places best!

  4. “We got coffee, we’re doin’ things!” 😂
    I would love to see New York York the Christmas season! I went once with my husband for a long weekend work trip, but I think it was September. Not sure if I’d want to brave it with kids! 😳😁😂

    1. Oh, you’re a pro large family mom girlfriend, you’d do just fine with all the kids in the city. I’ve only ever gone with 3, 4, or 8 kids in tow into NYC 🤪. Your weekend with the hubby sounds great!

  5. Great video! Please tell Gabriel that I would not have let a stranger jump over my head either! I think he was wise!

  6. what a great experience for you all…and how fun for Gab to be included! Merry Christmas my friend…if you ever come back would love to meet up with my kiddos too!

    1. Yes, we will! I plan on taking the GoBus (only $18/person round trip) in the Spring with all the kids. We’ll meet up!! xoxo

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